Irish Coinage


Irish Coinage

Information about Irish coins for numismatists, collectors, archaeologists and others who have an interest in the currency in use in Ireland from earliest times to the present day.

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Early Coins
pre 995 AD
Hammered Coins
AD 995-1646
Milled Coins
AD 1660-1823
Modern Coins
1928 - 2002
Euro Coins
2002 -

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These links are to a series of overviews of the coinage of Ireland. They offer further links for ' drill down ' detail and they also offer cross links to the catalogue and the high resolution image pages.

Early Irish Use of Coinage
(before 995 A.D.)
An Introduction to
Irish Hammered Coinage
(995 to 1660)
~995 to ~1150 The Hiberno-Norse Coinage of Ireland
1180 to ~1210 The Irish Coinage of John
1251 to 1254 The Irish Coinage of Henry III
1276 to 1302 The Irish Coinage of Edward I
1339 and 1425 Irish Coinages of Edward III and Henry VI
1460 to 1470 Irish Coinage of Edward IV Part I
1470 to 1483 Irish Coinage of Edward IV Part II
1483 to 1485 The Irish Coinage of Richard III
1485 to 1490 The Irish 'Three Crown' Coinage of Henry VII
1490 to 1505 The Irish 'Portrait' Coinage of Henry VII
An Introduction to
Irish Milled Coinage
(1660 to 1823)
Irish Modern Coinage
(1928 to date)



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Publications on Irish Coinage and Banknotes - Sparse

Catalogue of Irish Coin Prices - Partial

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This site first appeared on the World Wide Web on 16/Aug/1994 making it one of the oldest coin sites on the Web. I was leading a UNIX support team at the time and was interested in learning HTML soon after it was first developed. I had also just taken the first scans of my coin collection which gave me material for my first HTML trials.

Since then the site has grown considerably with currently over 150 separate pages some of which are very extensive and over 300 images between the in-line images and the high resolution series. In total the site takes about 500 pages of paper to print it out (I haven't tried it all together!) making it a larger reference source of material on Irish coinage than many printed reference books.

So far it is about 30% complete - and several of the completed parts (the catalogues) require regular updating. I estimate the effort involved is about 2,500 hours. The current work rate averages out at about 4hours per week. -- And I wonder why I never have time to complete my book on Edward IV.

I believe that it is a worthwhile effort - (confirmations or contradictions will be treated with equal respect).